How we treat you…

How we treat you

-We will deal with all aspects of your trip and make you love traveling! We are very responsible and take your VISIT and request for OUR SERVICES very seriously. Our customers say that we are very flexible and reliable.

-We will make the calls for you and arrange with the people you wish to meet with. We will be your mouth at the meetings as well if you require translation. We know this area…very well!

-Upon your wishes and desires, we will take you to our nice beaches with an interesting attractive beauty, and you will enjoy our best and special cuisine. We can also take you to music concerts and night bars for some memorable root dancing, until the day you don’t want to leave…

-We know when your journey starts with us, but we don’t know when it ends because it will never do. And as you leave, Haiti will already be written in Gold letters in your heart.

We have the best reliable professional coordinators / facilitators that will accompany you through your projects, the coordination of your meetings with officials, professionals on the ground, NGOs, private sector, Church Clergies and other leaders. Tell us whom you want to meet, where you want to go and we will get you there safely and nicely.

Construction project, we can help you there too….

Our faciitators also know where you can get materials at best prices for your construction projects in the countryside as well as in the capital. We also know where and how to find the best builders for your project. We know where the people you want to meet are and how to reach them. You gave us the purpose of your trip and we guarantee the accomplishment!!! Our facilitators and guides go everywhere, because they are from everywhere!

Between YOU and US

Between YOU and US


 It is recommended that you contact and reserve for your services 2 weeks prior to the time you will need it. But it is understandable if it is not the case and we can always work something out. But if you are planning your trip in advance, please reserve in advance with us so we gather what you need for your high convenience.

-Car / Driver-

The Tainos Group drivers are licensed and insured for the car they drive. No other driver is authorized to drive the car in service. The assigned driver is fully responsible for the car and its passengers. If something happens with the driver, and also in case of health malaise for example, the passenger (s) is/are required to notify our office immediately to fix the problem.  Please call us immediately :

+509 3198 6688 or use email: We will be here here for you!

-Work hours-

The regular work hours are 8-10 hours with a quick lunch break if possible. Please note that the driving time is also considered work hours. The facilitator/translator ends the day the time you return to where you stay safely and nicely. Additional hours can be counted, or sometimes, there are big changes in the schedules that can be discussed with the facilitator/driver/interpreter or directly with the office





Our services:

1Facilitating / all aspects of a coordination

Coordination of your projects in the rural areas in Haiti as well as in the capital.

Advanced Field scouting with video and picture shots of interviews we conduct in advance for your projects and just to prepare for your trip and journeys in a difficult area. We will gather information in advance to help you prepare better your adventure!

Arrange for airplane charters to the countryside and the connecting islands

Arrange for lodging of big groups in very affordable nice and peaceful places.

Arrange for you to attend any religious  services / ceremonies

-Arrange for safe and discrete interviews with individuals, household members, activists, human right advocates and political figures/groups.

-Arrange for meetings / interviews with academics

-Arrange for meetings and interviews with Government officials

-Arrange for long distance interviews through the phone/Skype…

-Emergent Creole classes at your place (also if you live in Haiti)

-Media liaison with Haiti Government officials, NGOS, private sector, individuals, churches and local medias

– Movie promotion

-Event planning

-Toast mastering

-Shipments/ clearance from customs

-Official paperwork for projects, customs, etc.

-Legal consultation for adoption and accompaniment through the whole process until the end.

2 -Interpretation/translation

-Live translation

-Simultaneous interpretation

-Written translation

-Books translation

-Voices over videos and audios

3- Car / Driving

-Driving with certified experienced drivers in Port-au-Prince

-Driving with certified experienced drivers to the countryside

-Arrange for car rentals without drivers

-Arrange for short driving to / from an event in Port-au-Prince

-Arrange for airport pick ups/ drop offs

-Arrange for pick-ups and drop offs to/ from the countryside

-4- Tour /Guiding

-Visits to attractive sites (forts, waterfalls, Caves, etc.)

-Visits to old religious temples and special ceremonies

-Nice Tour in Port-au-Prince with visits to the markets with local professional guides.

-Tour of the Haiti historical sites and centers.

-Tour of the Haitian markets in the capital and in the provinces

-5- Car rental

We will arrange for you to rent a car from our affiliated agencies. We will make sure you get a good deal, affordable and reliable.

-6-Leasing cars to Ex-pats!

We will also lease you cars for weeks, months, for as long as you want if you are staying in the country. And more importantly, we will be right there when you call us in case something happens with the car!

Pricing Table

All numbers are in US$

In Port-au-Prince/In town/ Interdepartmental/ Mid, big-size SUVs

Services Description Daily rate

In US dollars

Work hours Add.Rate Overtime
Full package arrangement / coordination Coordination / Arrangements/in town Driving/Interpreting / car / fuel / live translation


300 8-10 30/hour
Coordinating and Driving Coordination / Arrangements / driving / car / fuel 220 8-10 20/hour
Coordinating and Interpreting/live translation Coordination / Arrangements / live translation / interpreting 150 8-10 20/hour
Driving with car Small SUV Car/ driving in town/fuel 200 8-10 20/hour
Translating/ Interpreting Live translation / interpretation 120 8-10 20/hour
Witten Translation For books / interviews / books / movie scripts .10 -.15/ Word
Tour guide Guided visits to historical sites, museums, with one Guide 70 8-10 20/hour

N.B for interdepartmental trips, the fees remain, but our dear client pays for fuel and accommodation for our staff that accompanies them.

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Contact Us

  • For your reservation, please call us now: +509 3198 6688 Or email us at:
  • Address:
    123, Ave Fragneauville
    Puits Blain, Delmas 75
  • Delmas, Haiti

We will also be selling Vacation packages,  stay tuned…


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